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Personal and Scientific Papers Index

Personal and Scientific Papers Index

The personal and scientific papers of the following individuals are held in the Archives of the Marine Biological Association, and summarised in the Archives Catalogue.  Click on a name for more information on that person.

Alexandrowicz, J.S.

Allen, E.J.

Bidder, G.P. (the Third)

Boalch, G. T.

Bone, Q.

Bourne, G.C.

Browne, E. T.

Cooper, L.H.N.

Corner, E.D.S.

Crawshay, L.R.

Cunningham, J. T.

Dawes, B.

De Morgan, W.C.

Ford, E.

Garstang, W. 

Gilpin-Brown, J.B.

Grenfell, W.

Harmer, S.F.

Harvey, H.W.

Heape, W.

Hincks, T.

Hodgson, T. V.

Holme, N.A.

Holt, E. W. L.

Kemp, S. W.

Kofoid, C.A.

Lebour, M. V.

Parke, M.W.

Percival, E.

Pratt, W.D.

Richardson, J.

Richens, R.H.

Russell, F.S.

Sexton, E. W.

Shearer, C.

Smith, J.E.

Spooner, G.M.

Stephenson, T .A.

Steven, G.A

Sturch, H.H.

Varley, A.

Watson, A. T.

Webb, G.E.

Weldon, W. F .R.

Wickstead, J.H.

Wilson, D.P.

Wilson, E.A.

Wilson, M.A.

Wimpenny, R.S.

Worth, R.H.

Yarrell, W.