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Marine Biological Association Culture Collection of Marine Microalgae

The MBA Culture Collection is currently being incorporated into the research collection within the MBA.  Consequently, we will no longer be able to supply cultures or media to customers outside the organisation.  The Collection will, however, still be available to collaborating researchers.  For further details please email:

History of the Plymouth Collection
Mary Parke Fund for Young Phycologists


The main Plymouth Collection consists of some 400 strains from 80 genera of marine phytoplankton. Many Plymouth strains are not held by any other collection in the world. In addition to the main collection, there is also a collection of clones of the coccolithophorid Emiliania huxleyi (Lohmann) Hay & Mohler, assembled over recent years as part of a major international research programme. New stains isolated from local plankton samples and phytoplankton blooms are also added to the Collection from time to time.

The Collection plays an essential role in many research programmes funded by the NERC and EC. Fellows of and visitors to the MBA and PML (Plymouth Marine Laboratory) have utilised the Collection for their research.