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A Royal Charter for the Marine Biological Association

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At a meeting of the Privy Council at the Court at Buckingham Palace on the 15th May 2013, Her Majesty the Queen approved the grant of a Royal Charter to the Marine Biological Association. The Charter was subsequently passed under the Great Seal of the Realm (marking the official start of the new Charter Body).

This was a hugely significant step for the Association with the petition for the Charter being approved in recognition of the MBA’s long and eminent history and its status within the field of marine biology.  The award strengthens the Association’s role in promoting marine biology as a discipline and in representing the interests of the marine biological community.

MBA members benefit from having an enhanced standing within the marine biological field and in being able to take advantage of a number of new benefits including the introduction of a new category of member, Fellow of the MBA.

At the time of the granting of the Charter, MBA Director Professor Colin Brownlee said, “The Charter underlines our commitment to excellence in marine biology and presents new opportunities for promoting the field much more widely. It also recognises the importance of understanding the complexities of marine life and the impacts we are having on our seas.”. MBA Deputy Director Dr Matthew Frost (who oversaw the transition to a Chartered body) said, “This award reflects the growing importance of the marine environment as a focus for research. I am very grateful to our members and to all those in the marine community who supported us in gaining this Charter.”.

The Charter and Bylaws are available to download. Any queries concerning the granting of the Charter should be sent to