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National Marine Biological Library

Help us to raise essential funding to support the preservation, acquisition and digitisation of books at the National Marine Biological Library (NMBL). Your donation allows the the NMBL to continue to grow the collection, preserve it for future generations, and make materials available around the world through digitisation.

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Book adoption can be the perfect gift on a special occasion, a unique way to commemorate someone or even to celebrate an achievement.

Choose from a range of well-loved titles and receive an Adopt a Book e-certificate.

Below are some examples of books in our stock. You can choose one of these or any other item from our collection. Look it up in our catalogue and enter the title in the box below.

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1. A History of the Fishes of the British Isles by Jonathon Couch, F.L.S. 1863 – 1866

2. The Conchological Illustrations by G. B. Sowerby 1841

3. Ocean Flowers and their Teachings by M. M. Howard 1846

4. Das System der Medusen by E. Haeckel; Jena 1879-1880

5. The Open Sea: Its natural history: The World of Plankton by A.C. Hardy; London Collins 1956

6. The British sea anemones by T.A. Stephenson; London, Ray Society

7. The medusae of the British Isles by F.S. Russell; Cambridge University Press 1970

8. The seas: an introduction to the study of life in the sea by F.S. Russell, C.M. Yonge; London, Frederick Warne 1928

9. Captain Cook’s journal during his first voyage round the world made in H.M. Bark “Endeavour” 1768-1771. A literal transcription of the original MSS with notes and introduction by W.J.L. Wharton (editor); London, Elliot Stock 1893

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