MBA Historical Collections

Since it was founded in 1884, the MBA has gathered important items relating to its history and that of marine biology more generally. Today, the MBA looks after the MBA Archive Collection, which holds unique documents relating to the early history of the MBA and the marine biological sciences in general, the MBA Object Collection, which contains scientific instruments, including some invented at the MBA, the NMBL Special Collections, which are personal research libraries of eminent scientists, and the MBA Herbarium of marine algae which goes back to the mid-nineteenth century. In addition, the MBA’s research library, the National Marine Biological Library (NMBL), contains one of the world's major collections of literature on aquatic sciences and fisheries. Together, these collections constitute an invaluable resource not only for marine and environmental scientists, but also for researchers in the humanities and social sciences, such as historians, geographers, artists and poets. The purpose of this website is to raise awareness of these historical collections held at the MBA in order to make them more accessible to audiences from various backgrounds.