Images from the MBA Collections

These pages will display selections of images from the MBA's historical collections. We will add more as projects develop.

Project: Between August and December 2012, the MBA worked with the South West Image Bank to digitise the photographic collection of Edward Thomas Browne, a marine biologist and amateur photographer who produced many images of scientific and local interest. For a selection of images from this project, please click here.

Project: As part of the “Laboratory on the Hoe” project, the SAHFOS Reference Collection will be photographed to create a complete photographic record of the specimens for future taxonomic work. A selection of these images will be available here.

Project: Between April and June 2013, the catalogue of the MBA Herbarium was digitised and some specimens photographed thanks to funding from the Vodafone Foundation "World of Difference" programme. A selection of these images is available here.

All images © MBA, unless otherwise stated.

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