MBA Directors

Appointed by Council, it is the role of the MBA to ensure the day-to-day running of the MBA. Since 1884, the MBA has had twelve directors.

1884–1888: Walter Heape FRS.

1888–1890: Gilbert C. Bourne FRS. Bourne 

1890–1892: William L. Calderwood

1892–1894: Edward J. Bles

1894–1936: Edgar J. Allen FRS

1936–1945: Stanley W. Kemp FRS

1945–1965: Sir Frederick S. Russell FRS

1965–1974: Sir J. Eric Smith FRS

1974–1987: Sir Eric J. Denton FRS

1987–1999: Michael Whitfield

1999–2007: Stephen J. Hawkins

2007–present: Colin Brownlee



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