MBA Royal Patrons

Ever since it was founded in 1884, the MBA has had a Royal Patron almost continually.

The first patron was HRH The Prince of Wales, Albert Edward. When he ascended to the throne as Edward VII in 1901, he carried on being patron: the MBA's patron became HRH The King.

"King Edward VII", by Leslie Ward for Vanity Fair 19 June 1902. (Image in the public domain.)


At the death of Edward VII (1910), King George V took over as patron until his death in January 1936.

"George V in coronation robes" (c. 1911), by Luke Fildes. From the Royal Collection; image in the public domain.


Throughout 1936 (the reign of Edward VIII), the MBA did not have a Royal Patron.

Upon the accession of George VI, the King became once again the MBA's Royal Patron. He would remain so until his death in February 1952.

"HM King George VI of the United Kingdom" (c. 1940-1946). From the G. Eric and Edith Matson Photograph Collection at the Library of Congress; image in the pubic domain.


Once again in 1952, the MBA did not have a Royal Patron, but in 1953 HRH The Duke of Edinburgh became the MBA's fourth and current Royal Patron.

"HRH The Duke of Edinburgh at Buckingham Palace" (1992), by Allan Warren; image reproduced under Creative Commons 3.0.



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