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South West Marine Science Forum

The South West Marine Science Forum was conceived at a workshop at the MBA; Managing water quality on the SW European Marine Sites (EMS): the way forward.

The forum consists of researchers from the scientific community, and representatives from statutory authorities, conservation bodies and industry. The initial focus was primarily in relation to Habitats Regulations, though it is now clear that the outputs from the work have wider application in relation to the future management of these and other sites, for example in relation to the implementation of the Water Framework Directive during the forthcoming years.

Principal aims of the SW forum are:

  • To discuss and address common issues in relation to south west marine sites and water quality;
  • To clarify environmental questions: To link people/institutions/management in the SW and share information and experience;
  • To convert policy into applicable research;
  • To develop research needs/proposals;
  • To communicate the scientific initiatives in the SW, and the benefits, to the public.

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