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Ella McKnight

Ella McKnight

PhD Student
 Ella is a PhD student working on a project titled The influence of environmental variability on the ecological performance of native and non-native marine organisms and is supervised by Dan Smale (MBA), and Marc Rius (National Oceanography Centre). The project is both MBA and SPITFIRE funded (see Ella was previously employed by an environmental monitoring company as a field technician. She was working on a project which focused on enhancing the quality of bathing water along a variety of beaches in the south coast of England and the majority of her role involved collecting field data. Prior to this she studied MSc in Oceanography at the University of Southampton, her research focus was entitled: A meta-analysis into traits that enhance the survival of invasive species over native species, and this piece of work has recently been accepted into publication with the journal Global Change Biology. Before this she studied a BSc in Marine Biology at Queen’s University Belfast. Ella’s research thesis dealt again with the investigation of non-native species and was entitled: The ecological function of exotic amphipods, exotic riparian plants and their native counterparts in N Ireland. Ella has a very keen interest in many aspects involving non-native organisms.